Meet the Revelli Family

Dogliani, Piedmont





Claudia and Eraldo





Autin Lungh Vineyards





Claudia Revelli

Founded in 1930, the Eraldo Revelli winery is now in its third generation of winemakers located in the breathtaking Commune of Dogliani. Today the winery is run by father and daughter team Eraldo & Claudia who have immense pride and passion for creating fresh and organic wines that showcase the area’s unique climate and soils. In this very small family winery, you will see them both in the vineyards and cellar at all hours of the day.
Dogliani is the name of both the wine and the subregion of Piedmont in which this wine is grown. It is located just a few miles south of the wine village Barolo and is characterized by rolling hills and a moderate climate. Because this area is higher in elevation and enjoys a cooler climate, the Dolcetto grown in this area is known to be “softer” with more rounded and complex fruit flavor and is considered to be where the “best” expression of this grape variety is grown.
“Dolcetto” (meaning “Little Sweet One”) is a dark-skinned wine varietal typically associated with the Piedmont region in Northwest Italy. It is an “easy drinking” red wine that ripens fairly early in the growing season and is happiest when grown in cooler climates. This wine varietal produces wines with lovely fruit-forward notes that are characterized as having low acidity and a light to medium body.