Sophisticated and versatile, Cá Salina’s Valdobbiadene Prosecco enhances every occasion.

Cá Salina was created by Riccardo Bortolin in the 1970s, and in 1993 Gregorio Bortolin built his new winery, which has given him complete independence over his wine production. Today, the winery is still a family operation and is run by Gregorio and Neva along with their two sons, Michele and Massimo Bortolin. The philosophy that greatly contributes to the success of this winery lies in two Latin words – “Gaudium Hospitis,” which translates to “the joy of the guest.”

The warm welcome offered to guests by the Bortolin family is next to none – they truly make guests feel like part of the family and embody what it means to provide great hospitality by always aiming to ensure every guest enjoys the best possible experience. Gregorio added even more to his winery in 2011 with the opening of fantastic new tasting rooms where they can welcome guests who are eager to sample their delicious wines.

Explore Cá Salina Wines

From the windows of the winery visitors can admire the vines that decorate the hills, the idyllic surroundings and the stunning landscapes. Tourists can also visit the nearby small towns where they can find local art, delectable Italian dishes, and of course Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore. If you are eager to visit Cá Salina we encourage you to take the time for a full wine tour where you can visit the vineyards, learn about the process of making the delicious Prosecco Superiore and taste the wines paired with local delicacies. The winery is open every day and there are expert guided tours available in Italian, English, German and French.

In Valdobbiadene the hills are so steep that it is nearly impossible to use tractors on the vineyards. All of the grapes are harvested by hand, carried to the very top of the extremely steep hills and then loaded into the grape gondola. Talk about a labor of love – when we left Cá Salina we had a newfound respect for the farmers that work in the area and a special appreciation for the wines they produce.

The Bortolin family believes in utilizing innovation in their winemaking, while maintaining tradition in order to guarantee the highest quality of Cá Salina wines. They respect the land they work with and even with forward-thinking techniques the land is never compromised, and the family makes sure to never interfere with the natural beauty of the area. The Valdobbiadene hills where the Cá Salina winery sits received DOCG status in 2009, which is the highest quality of Prosecco that is exclusively produced in the Northeast regions of Italy. Cá Salina produces a few thousand cases of fine wine every year, including Brut, Dry, and Extra Dry Valdobbiadene Proseccos as well as two incredible sparkling Rosé wines. Each bottle is satisfyingly refreshing and crisp with floral and fruity aromas.

If you have any questions about selecting a bottle of Valdobbiadene Prosecco, how to perfectly pair it with a meal or if you’d like some customized recommendations based on your preferences – please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our favorite selections with you.



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