“Enjoy the romance and history of Tuscany with Le Palaie wines.”

Peccioli – Tuscany Italy
The Le Palaie farm was founded in 1996 when Nino Angelo Caponi bought a farmhouse from the 1600s with the aim of creating a Buen retiro, a place of peace where children and grandchildren could meet and spend their holidays.
The Winery and vineyards are located in Peccioli, on a beautiful hillside near Pisa in the region of Tuscany. It descends from the high cliffs of Volterra to the Arno river. Nino Caponi who was attracted by the beauty of the Valdera where he decided to start the farm and plant vineyards in an area strongly devoted to wine production in a sustainable manner where the whole family is involved.
The Le Palaie estate is 150 total hectares of which 19 hectares are dedicated to vineyards that produce 10 different wines. Le Palaie maintains a eco conscious and sustainable balance between land and vines, and as a result the winery will be certified organic by the end of 2021.

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