Sophisticated and wonderfully complex wines, whether it is a glass of Arneis or one of their Riserva Barolos.

The Sordo winery was founded in 1912 by Giuseppe Sordo. Today the family-owned winery is run by Giorgio, Giuseppe’s great-grandson. The soil of these vineyards is rich in micro-nutrients that when paired with the microclimates of the region create the perfect environment for growing Nebbiolo grapes for the finest Barolo. Today the Sordo family owns more than 130 acres that are spread out across the region, and they are the only winery that creates eight unique, award-winning Barolo Crus.

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Another notable fact of the Sordo winery is their commitment to being environmentally friendly in their winemaking process. They are big believers in modern agriculture and implement technology and scientific findings to help eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers and weed killers, as well as utilizing equipment to recycle water and eliminate waste in a responsible manner. They mainly treat their vines organically and if it is necessary to implement additional protection they do so under the strict guidance and advice of qualified agronomists.

A visit to the Sordo winery is an unforgettable experience, and one that we highly recommend. Before you are invited to taste their delicious wines, you have the opportunity to tour the facility, which explains the entire process of vinification from the large Slavonian oak barrels used for aging all the way to their underground cellar located 12 meters (39 feet) below ground. The tour will take you through the underground tunnel utilized for aging wines and lead you to the new, modern winery where you will explore the entire production cycle from bottling wine, to storage and more.

Finally, you will be treated to an indulgent tasting in the panoramic salon where you can also explore their varietals in the beautiful wine shop. To book this one-of-a-kind experience you do need to make a reservation, so we highly recommend that you incorporate the Sordo winery into your itinerary on your next trip to Northern Italy. To learn more, visit www.sordogiovanni.it or send us an email at info@vintnersstash.com and we’d be happy to help you.


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